The Ancient Beauty Secrets of Olive Oil Used in Organic Skin Care Today!

Olive oil is a top ingredient used in organic skin care and in many natural cosmetic products for a very good reason. Best known for it’s prominent role in the Mediterranean diet for contributing to low rates of heart problems in this part of the world, olive oil is a super ingredient that nourishes both inside and out. High consumption of olive oil is probably one of the reasons why Mediterranean people are among healthiest on the planet.

Organic Skin Care The Mediterranean’s Worst Kept Beauty Secret

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The Ancient Beauty Secrets of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used as a beauty treatment in organic skin care treatments for centuries and continues to gain popular recognition today in the latest research in nutrition and dermatology. Olive oil’s antioxidant effects are thought to strengthen the body’s ability to maintain cell strength and reverse damage. Along with its powerful polyphenols, olive oil is a major source of vitamin E, a key nutrient for cell repair, which also supports the immune system.

Why is olive oil such a popular ingredient in many skin care products available on the market today?


Olive oil is widely recognised in organic skin care as a fantastic natural product for bringing your skin back to life. Its high concentration of vitamin E is to thank for its abilities to fight wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. It also has powerful antioxidant properties that protect the collagen fibers in your skin from free-radical damage, while promoting skin elasticity, treating stretch marks and fading scars, which explains its popular appearance on the ingredient list of many natural face products.

It’s even great for your hair too, with its ability to stimulate hair growth through the repair of damaged hair follicles. Olive oil deeply conditions your hair from the root, preventing tissue corrosion and preventing premature graying.

Why olive oil is the darling of top organic skin care lines?


The powerful properties of olive oil have been found to reduce the form of skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The type of oleic acid found uniquely in olive oil has also been found to prevent other forms of cancer. Including olive oil as part of your diet, as well as your beauty regime, could also help protect against the aging process of the mind as studies suggest that olive oil helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Olive oil is a true miracle of nature and one of the most naturally anti-aging ingredients available, working it’s magic both inside and out!


At Biofficina Toscana, we believe in using cosmetics that are good enough to eat, because what goes on the outside ends up on the inside. That’s why we source only the highest quality organic olive oil from Tuscany, the heart of the Mediterranean, to use in our products.


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