Award Winning Organic Hair Products

For some time, Biofficina Toscana has focused particularly on organic hair products  and has developed a range of targeted and innovative products to cater to the needs of all hair types. We often receive questions and help requests to decide which is the most suitable product for individual needs, because it isn’t always easy to understand fully how one product works and how one’s hair can react to treatment.

Considering that everyone’s hair is different and that only trial and error will lead to a final verdict, let’s look specifically at how Biofficina Toscana organic hair products work; we’ll discuss leave-in products, that do not require rinsing and will therefore be leaving out all our shampoos (which we have already discussed at length) and our three conditioners.

Organic Hair Products

Our Organic Hair Products

1. Anti-frizz lotion

2. Soft Curl Lotion and Defined Curl Lotion

3. Hair repair cream

4. Radiance-enhancing protective oil Let’s start with our hair styling products:

1. Anti-frizz Lotion

a2d33-lozione_anticrespo-100Its formula contains a cationic surfactant, namely Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine, which Biofficina first introduced in its active conditioner concentrate in 2011 and which enabled eco-friendly organic cosmetics to compete in this industry with outstanding results against professional products without neglecting attention to environmental biodegradability, a must for any self-respecting eco-compatible product. With the Anti-frizz Lotion Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine was for the first time not introduced as a creamy emulsion but rather as a fluid lotion, to form a two-phase system (hence the instruction to shake well before use) for application without rinsing. This positively charged cationic surfactant binds with the hair to create a thin, temporary film that leaves an uncharged lipid layer on the exterior of the hair shaft, which therefore neutralises the electrostatic charge and makes it easier to comb and tame.

The effectiveness of this product is completed and supplemented by:

  • the patented Uviox® and Oleox® extracts made from Tuscan ingredients used in equal measure and which, thanks to their anti-oxidant effect, provide excellent protection against oxidative stress in hair,
  • urea which, when used in controlled percentages, makes your hair softer,
  • honey which nourishes hair,
  • Tuscan organic extracts of oat, flax, nettle, althea and mallow with stimulating, reinforcing, emollient and protective properties for hair,
  • jojoba oil, which in actual fact is a type of wax, that coats the hair shaft, giving it more shine,
  • soy proteins that reinforce hair.

2. Soft Curl Lotion and Defined Curl Lotion

a2d34-lozione_ricci_morbidi-100a2d35-lozione_ricci_definiti-100The aim of these two products is to help define curly hair, while at the same time nourishing it. The purpose is therefore different from that of products such as styling gels or mousses, which focus more on definition, while setting hair more evidently, with the ensuing result that you get dry hair. These two lotions were designed as products with a strong plant-based component, and their strength lies in the use of the purest natural ingredients. Specifically, to produce the Soft Curl Lotion, we picked out light gels and gums such as xanthan gum and organic aloe gel to style hair, whereas we have used organic shea butter, panthenol and hair-reinforcing soy vegetable protein to nourish it.

The effectiveness of this product is completed and supplemented by:

  • organic plant water of rosemary and sage which have a reinforcing and purifying effect
  • the patented Uviox® and Oleox® extracts made from Tuscan ingredients used in equal measure and which, thanks to their anti-oxidant effect, provide excellent protection against oxidative stress in hair,
  • Tuscan organic extracts of oat, horsetail and mallow which nourish and reinforce hair We used the same approach for our Defined Curl Lotion but in this case we increased the percentage gum at play and added, in controlled percentages, guar gum which also boasts emollient and softening properties. To nourish hair, in this case too we used organic shea butter, panthenol and soy vegetable protein.

3. Hair repair cream

a2e49-crema_capelli_ristrutturante-100This light cream is absorbed on application, without leaving any residue or weighing down your hair. It is a genuine hair cream, just like those used on the face and body. Its reparative action stems mainly from the plant-based proteins and amino acids, whose composition is similar to keratin, yet with even more effective performance on hair, making it thicker and more nourished. Hair weight in fact consists of between 65% and 95% protein, the most important of which is without a doubt keratin, produced by the epidermis, which only comes into contact with the part of the hair closest to the bulb; since as hair grows it moves further away from the bulb, it also moves further away from its source of nourishment. It is therefore clear how important it is to add active ingredients designed to keep your hair glossy, healthy and with body as it is often severely tested by dyeing, bleaching and at times excessively frequent or aggressive shampooing.

Another important aspect of this product is that it moisturises hair thanks to its targeted active ingredients, including Saccharide isomerate, an ingredient derived from sugar that is capable of providing immediate moisture straight after application, and hyaluronic acid which, thanks to its flexible water-soluble structure, adjusts the water balance in your hair. Indeed, hair needs moisture, but this cannot be achieved simply by adding water to it, as it binds haphazardly to the protein structure, weakening hair and making it more brittle; instead, by applying moisturising active ingredients like the ones we have selected – which retain the water in the structure – your hair is moisturised and has more body.

The effectiveness of this product is completed and supplemented by:

  • The patented Uviox® and Oleox® extracts made from Tuscan ingredients used in equal measure and which, thanks to their anti-oxidant effect, provide excellent protection against oxidative stress in hair,
  • Luminescine®, which is a patented latest-generation medicinal plant compound (derived from mullein flowers) designed to absorb UV rays and turn them into a new light source, which is generated directly onto the hair, making it more radiant. This extract is included in large percentages,
  • Urea used in controlled percentages, makes your hair softer
  • Jojoba, sunflower and mimosa waxes included in an innovative emulsifier that turns into an active ingredient to protect your hair
  • Organic aloe juice
  • Mica that makes your hair shinier.

4. Radiance-enhancing protective oil

a2f50-olio_protettivo_lucidante-50This is a blend of oils with various properties and functional and sensory qualities. Indeed, this blend was designed to include vegetable oils of various compositions, complexities and saturations, in order to achieve the most multifarious lipid profile possible. The main function of this Radiance-enhancing protective oil is to protect hair thanks to a lipid film that the oils/waxes form around the hair shaft, coating it and protecting it against daily stresses such as heat sources and natural elements. Another function is to nourish hair, tied to the unsaponifiable fraction which penetrates the hair shaft and slows down water loss. The third function is to reconstruct the lipid fraction of the proteins which make up hair. Your hair is therefore glossier, protected, and at the same time not greasy. The Dodecane used in this product in fact gives it a dry-touch and light-weight feel, which is ideal to avoid weighing down your hair and making it greasy. This innovative ingredient, which was recently included in the ICEA certification disciplinary code, is the first plant-based oil that replicates the performance of a petroleum-based volatile silicone. Another innovative ingredient used is Setol®, a medicinal plant compound derived from the enzymatic activation of a blend of Tuscan vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, linseed and grapeseed) which thus releases mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. Setol® has different characteristics from the oils used to make it, including enhanced absorbability, better bioavailability, loss of oiliness, enhanced anti-oxidant properties and it is a valid ally to boost hair elasticity. This ingredient is therefore a non-oily oil just like Dodecane, which contributes towards allowing the radiance-enhancing protective oil to make your hair silky-smooth and dry-touch.

The effectiveness of this product is completed and supplemented by:

  • Almond oil: contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids, which make it perfect for coating hair and it only partly manages to penetrate the innermost layers. It is therefore preferably used to add body, shine and softness to dry, lifeless hair,
  • Coconut oil: contains mostly saturated fatty acids and it is one of the oils which better penetrates hair, facilitating clumping of adjacent hair strands and making your hair shinier,
  • Apricot oil: contains mostly unsaturated fatty acids and coats hair strands, making it shinier,
  • Jojoba oil: this is in actual fact a type of wax which effectively coats the hair shaft, protecting it and making it glossy,
  • Squalene of plant origin: obtained from the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil, makes hair shinier and bouncier.

This is therefore an overview which we hope will be of help to you to understand fully all our leave-in (no rinsing required) hair care products. This product line stands out for its superior quality which have been designed and formulated while choosing the most innovative molecules in green chemistry used in combination with plant-based, organic and pure elements, that retain all the strength and power of the Nature they are derived from. These organic hair products are also distinguished by three particular patented extracts which are bound to us and to our company in two ways, to Tuscany, where small quality manufacturers create them: Uviox® , Oleox® and Setol®.

Our Award Winning Organic Hair Products



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